Liquid Filters / Liquid Separators

Filter Cartridges

As filter cartridges are manufactured to a common standard, filter cartridges we supply can be used not only to replace the cartridges in PED filter housings but any other make of filter housings.



Due to new melt spinning and yarn forming process, no chemicals to leach-out.

Use of continuous filaments stop media migration.

New winding technology provides true graded density (density increases towards to inner layers. This give higher dirt holding capacity than other cartridges in the market.

High structural stability provide excellent knife edge sealing.     

Material options: Polypropylene (standard), cotton

Core material options: Polypropylene (standard), Galvanised steel, 304SS, 316SS

Size: OD = 2 ½”, Length: 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”, 50”

Nominal filter rating: 80,40,20,10,5 and 1 micron