Pigging Equipment

Used in oil and gas, petrochem and water resource industries. Any pipeline get internal scale, wax and other deposits over time. This will reduce the flow and increase pressure loss through the pipeline and increase energy required for pumping. In order to keep the pipeline flow efficiency at its optimum level regular pigging operations are carried out. There are many other useful aspects of pigging as listed under pig launchers and receivers below.


Designed to cater for large number of different applications such as product separation (Batching), clean out internal wax and scale build up and debris, gauging internal bore, gas and liquid removal, corrosion inhibitor application and pipe inspection and survey to name a few. Depending on application one or more pigs are used from following categories.







Foam pigs (swab, coated, coated with abrasive strips)







Modular pigs (cup and disc type with wire brush, gauge plate, multidiameter pig etc)







Spherical pigs







Intelligent pigs