Circular & Rectangular Dampers

Used for controlling gas or air flow in ducting systems. Dampers are manufactured to match cross section of the duct. Single blade dampers used for open/ close duty and louvre (multi blade) type dampers are used for flow control.

Parallel and opposed blade configuration available for louvre dampers. Opposed blade design commonly used for modulation and control duty as it provides fairly linear relationship between degree of opening and flow.

Built in sleeve bearings, outrigger self aligning ball bearings or outrigger sleeve bearing are selected based on temperature and dust loading in media.

Leakage area between 5% - 0.25% by using variety of sealing arrangements based on design conditions. Majority of damper applications can tolerate 2% leakage area and it provides the optimum economically balanced leakage rate.

Manual, Pneumatic, or Electric actuation is available for all dampers. Pneumatic and electric actuation is available in On/Off or Modulating modes with various fail safe conditions such a fail open, fail close or fail in last position.