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Ultrasonic Flow Meters


These meters are well known for their high performance and reliability that are based field proven technology. It is widely used across all industrial applications. The flow measurement is based on Faraday's law. When a conductive fluid moves through a magnetic field the induced voltage is proportional to the velocity of the conductor.


Main features:

  • Measurement accuracy is independent of fluid density, pressure, temperature and conductivity.
  • Short straight section of pipe length required for installation.
  • Easy to read backlit LCD display.
  • Easy setup using infrared buttons outside the display.
  • Alarm functions for self diagnosis (empty load test, high & low flow limits, two stage flow values)
  • Can used in demanding applications in mining, pulp and paper and food industries.
  • Strong PFA lining suitable for both positive and negative pressures.
  • Availability of different type lining materials to suit harsh chemicals in petrochemical industry.
  • Display can be local, remote or both.
  • Sensor can be inline or intrusive type (for larger diameter pipes).







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These flow meters employ Transit-Time Technology to measure the flow rate. Precision performance of transmission and reception technology built into clamp type or intrusive type transducer to provide reliable and accurate performance through wide range of process parameters.


Main features:

  • Non intrusive type transducers make this meter suitable for corrosive and/or dangerous chemicals.
  • Externally mounted on existing pipelines without cutting into them.
  • Meter cost independent of size three transducers design used from 15 -6000 mm diameter pipes.
  • Single board design for power supply, transducer, computation and communication functions.


Models available:

Flow computers

Wall mounted and Panel mounted type available to couple with intrusive or non intrusive type transducers to provide all the benefits of ultrasonic technology combined with performance superior to traditional flow meters.

This flow computer can be mounted in explosions proof enclosures for operations in hazardous areas.

This product has a range of options to meet demands of every major industry where traditional meters face limitations.

This model has RS-485 interface which allow monitoring or control of multiple meters in remote sites almost at real time.

Using its input and communication interfaces other sensors for temperature, humidity, wind speed etc at remote sites can be monitored via the meter.

Using RTD as temperature inputs meter can be used as an energy meter.

Using output interface such as 4-20mA, pulse, relay, batch control etc, equipment such as pumps or valves can be controlled automatically.







Handheld and Portable flow meters are one of the most advanced portable ultrasonic flow meter in the market. Handheld meter is little bigger than a PDA is suitable for pipes of any size. Transducer is designed to maximum ease of operations with magnets. Up to 16 site installation parameters are stored for easy retrieval and quick setup and operation. Built in data logger allows process history recording for storage or transfer to a PC. Ni-Hi battery runs 10 hours under full load and recharges within 6 hours. These meters are ideal to check other mechanical flow meters at site and use in areas where no meters installed.








Variety of transducers are available as shown below to cover all possibilities of industrial applications.