Fabricated Strainers

As fabricated strainers can be designed to suit any application, they are the most popular in all industrial application. Types of fabricated strainers available in the market is extensive. Following are the strainers we regularly supply to our customers. However we can design and supply other types of fabricated strainers in the market.

Basket Strainers

Basket strainers are available in two variations, based on the location of inlet and outlet. As shown on the images below, inlet and outlet nozzles of "S" type strainer are on same elevation and in "P" type they are offset.

Applications where large amount of solid particles in the fluid and solids have higher specific gravity than the fluid, open bottom basket design is used. With open bottom basket solids settles at the bottom of the strainer body can be removed by periodical blow down.


Features: Suitability for fine straining 

Basket access from top provides easy access 

Aperture size 25 mm -37 microns

Body material options: Carbon steel, 304SS, 316SS, any other exotic material

Strainer element material: 304SS, 316SS, any other exotic material

End connection options: Weld ends, Flanged 

Flange type options: ANSI 150# - ANSI1500#, or any other flanges

Pressure rating: up to ANSI 1500#

Size range: 50-600mm NB (larger sizes on application)