Fabricated Strainers

As fabricated strainers can be designed to suit any application, they are the most popular in all industrial application. Types of fabricated strainers available in the market is extensive. Following are the strainers we regularly supply to our customers. However we can design and supply other types of fabricated strainers in the market.

Automatic Strainers

Automatic self cleaning strainers provide uninterrupted flow. No manual cleaning of basket required as automated backwashing system cleans the basket. These units can be supplied completed with its own control system or customer can incorporate all the controls into site control system. Smallest micron size available for this type is 80 microns. Since dimensions vary significantly based on particle size, flow rate and solid loadings, dimensions can be provided once the details of the application is known. Depending on the application single element or multi elements design will be selected by us. Please complete our enquiry sheet in full and send to us for a quotation.